Frequently asked questions

What are your marshmallows made from?

Our marshmallow base recipe consists of sugar, gelatine (beef) & glucose (corn). We source only the very best of ingredients includng 100% Australian suppliers. Please read all of the list of ingredient labels carefully. Please be aware our marshmallows are made on shared kitchen equipment and may contain traces of the following: TREE NUTS PEANUTS EGG GLUTEN DAIRY WHEAT MAIZE SOY ​​​ If you would like to know more about our products please do not hesitate to reach us via email: For more information on allergy facts please go to​

How should I store the marshmallows?

Please try and keep the marshmallows in a cool, dry area and preferably in an airtight container. If you have purchased different flavours, it would be best to keep in separate containers. Shelf Life : 4- 5 weeks from date of manufacture. Like many confectionary items, the enemy of marshmallows is moisture, including humidity.

Do you use Halal and/or Kosher ingredients?

Orders can be made with Halal & Kosher certified ingredients (minimum quantity). Please reach out via email : prior to placing your order.

How many kilojoules | calories in a marshmallow?

With the current delivery delays in Australia, will the marshmallows go 'off'?

We ensure all our marshmallow orders are packed & sealed correctly to ensure the quality and freshness remains inside every single pack. If the package has been damaged during transit, please take a photo of the damaged box before opening and send this to